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Our Project Sales Division consists of Network Infrastructure and Voice Communication Systems.

Network Infrastructure

We integrate network infrastructure which enables end-users to communicate electronically within an organisation or with another organisation, either within the same country or globally.

We provide end-to-end infrastructural business solutions, such as:

Voice Communication Systems

We are able to seamlessly integrate voice and data signals used in large organisations' telephone network, which include:

We also offer flexible and user-configurable systems for exact customisation to our customers' needs, ensuring the delivery of end-to-end enterprise business solutions.


Our Project Management Services include the provision of installation and implementation services for our network infrastructure and voice communication systems.

We also offer onsite and online maintenance and support services. These services are supported by our 24-hour fault control hotline, hardware and software repair services, online CRM system services, 24-hour onsite support services and 24-hour remote dial-in services.